The Fabulous Jewelry Of Lisa Sotilis

 Lisa Sotilis is a  Greek by birth, sculptress, painter and jewelry designer whose sublime  art work cannot be described in ordinary expressions. Lisa was born in Athens and when she was still young and student of Giorgio De Chirico she took part in national and international exhibitions, winning important prizes such as the Rammazzotti Prize, the gold medal of Carrara Academy, and the Cup of the President of the Republic. 

She creates amazing gold sculptures that can be worn, made of antique stones, glass, cameos, or precious stones according to the moment’s creative mood.  Her inventiveness and imagination bring to life her pieces, they become elements of nature that wrap around the body and transform women into godesses!

 She has the ability to convert the most indifferent materials into fascinating astonishing forms.  Her inspiration derives from Hellenic spirit,  which Salvatore Quasimodo described as “reveal of the influential power of the Greek myth.”

From 1965 Lisa figured in the list of the famous names chosen by Alexander Iolas. She exhibited with Iolas in Geneva, Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York, Los Angeles, and others. 

 She has created amazing jewels for many personalities of the international elite such as Farah Diba, the Queen Maria José of Savoy, the Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy, Rudolf Nureyev, Claudia Cardinale, Annie Girardot, Roland Petit and the most rich and famous Greek and international families. 

Definitely an insiration for every jewelry designer!

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One thought on “The Fabulous Jewelry Of Lisa Sotilis

  1. Μόλις σας είδα στη τηλεόραση, με γοητεύσατε.Σας ευχαριστώ κι εύχομαι να σας γνωρίσω από κοντά.Νάστε πάντα καλά!

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