A Collector’s House

Alketas Pazis is a passionate collector of all things design, ranging from the styles of the 1900‘s – 1950’s. He is dedicated in locating, rescuing and reclaiming industrial objects. He owns a vast collection of vintage furniture pieces in Greece and he has a passion for the Avant-Garde. Pazis has contributed to over 950 commercials and film productions and recently opened a trading house  for vintage pieces, the Temporary Showroom in Athens. A great pleasure for other collectors and vintage style lovers! 

The items come from public spaces of the past such as hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, factories etc. His flair for eclecticism make his choices unique as you can see in this beautiful house! 

His residence is adjoined to Temporary Showroom and is a real journey through time. A place with eclectic atmosphere, very masculine and dark, ful of charactere. Interesting pieces of furniture and objects can’t wait to share their story with us! Yoy can read the article and see more pictures on Yatzer.

Photo : Vangelis Paterakis

via yatzer

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