The Amazing Ceramics Of Natalya Sots

Natalya Sots is one of my favorite artists. I follow her work since I took up ceramic classes 3 years ago. She is Russian by nationality and lives currently in the USA with her family. Her russian origines and culture is obvious all over her work. 

Her ceramic sculptures are imaginative, vibrant, full of life. Whimsical creatures that tell you stories and bring hapiness to your life. 

Teapots and cups look like they came from Alice’s Wonderland, having legs, hands and lots of attitude. They dare you posing with sauciness and charm! Oh boy how they inspire me!

Girl with ladybug necklace.

I fell so much in love with this lovely vase that I actually made one my self!

Bird with Multi-Color Feathers

Birds and cats, mice and owls, cute and whimsical little creatures can’t wait to get to your home!

Bunny bell

The Purple Bug with Red Hat (reserved for Julia)

Patchwork Vase with Poppy Flowers

You can see her amazing and inspiring work at her Etsy shop and on Flickr.

                                                        Images via Etsy


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