Decorating With A Bicycle

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga

Interesting ideas to repurpose a bicycle or some parts of it! We ‘ve seen artists to make gorgeous chandeliers out of bike parts.

see emily write

Using just one wheel you can make an interesting lighting fixture.

franscisco panjaitan

Or maybe a nice clock!

bike table Tour   A Table for Bike Fanatics


Four wheels can be used for supporting a modern coffe table!

sierra club

Make a cute little deer for christmas!

diet coke and a smoke

Use the bike to support selves against the walls, for more character in your house!

creative inspiration

This is my favorite idea! The bicycle is used to support the sink in this very special bathroom. I love the towels in the basket!

do you love where you live

Bicycles hang on the wall. A nice way for storage and a great idea for wall art!

bikes as decor Freshome09 15 Practical and Unobtrusive Ideas to Park Your Bike Indoors

do you love where you live

A vintage bike looks fabulous above the fireplace!

kika reichert

There is always a place for a cute vintage bike at home! 


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