Repurposing Old Chairs

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There are plenty of ideas we can use to repurpose old or unused chairs. Some are really creative and easy to carry on!

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Using two or three old chairs we can create a cute bench. Just unite them with a big board!

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Any style can do, classic or modern. 

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design sponge


These two classic chairs are binded one against the other and create a settee!


This is my favorite idea! Three different chairs painted in the same color become a really trendy piece of furniture!!

Martha Stewart

Four chairs and a bunch of pillows make a comfy sofa!

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Take a couple of old iron chairs and just hang them on the wall. Now you’ve got shelves! Love it!!

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Cutting chairs in two may be very handy! You get shelves and clothes hangers!

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 An unused chair turned into a useful wall-mounted towel rack and shelf.

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Clothes hangers are really usefull in the bedroom!


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Turn antique kids’ chairs into food-and-water stations for dogs. 

Repurposed Dining Room Chair Tree Swing

Cut the legs off and turn them to swings!



An old chair supports flower pots in the garden! The bold color makes it stand out!


Cut the chairs and use them us clothes hangers in your wardrobe.


Take some chairs in varioys styles, paint them all white and hang them from the ceiling. You’ve got an interesting sculptural lighting fixture!

Martino Gamper, 100 Chairs in 100 Days: White & Yellow Chair, Ariana Mouyiaris


Check out Martino Gamber ‘s project 100 chairs in 100 days for more creative ideas on chair repurposing! 

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