Hotel Daniel In Austria

Hotel Daniel in Vienna, Austria is a smart luxury and urban hotel. It offers relaxing accomodation, open and inviting spaces with a green approach. This hotel seeks the contemporary traveler who wants flexibility. They believe that a metropolitan hotel needs  to give guests an open, uncomplicated lifestyle which doesn’t place any constraints on the guests. Hotel Daniel calls this “smart luxury.” You can chose from four different room types, whatever matches your wishes as well a your wallet.
The hotel has up to 115 rooms and is located in the centre of Vienna. There are four room styles available at the Daniel: the Smart, the Hammock, the Panorama and the Belvedere. Each room offers a unique stay! I’ll take the Hammock room, thank you!!
Is this amazing or what?! The Butterfly chair paired with palletes!!
Love the concrete on the ceiling!

Hotel Daniel also offers guests Vespas and bicycles to use as modes of transportation around the city. How obliging!
spotted on ideas to steal

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