Jewelry By Karolina Bik

Karolina Bik is a young Polish designer. A very talented one as you can see! Her work is inspired by the nature and her pieces look like art. Just love them! 

She says:

A good piece of jewel is like a good piece of music… both generates the same emotions in viewer/listener…

Emphatically Acid Jazz is not for everyone… the same refers to my jewels…

If my work can rise intense emotions for at least 1% of the public… then I feel gratified…

Jewellery is magical… Have always been. When I create a jewel I feel like a magician… I feel the power going through my whole body and soul… the magical energy… Which in the end is given away to the piece.

Whenever I work, I try to cut myself totally from the reality that surrounds me… I believe this is essential to create a REAL object carrying a True Word…


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