Decorating With Cable Spools


Wooden pallets are still appearing everywhere. Lets have a look at cable spools and how we can use them to decorate our home. My aunt has one of those since 2 decades ago, long before repurposing old stuff became a trend. She uses it for table in the garden and I remember thinking how smart idea it was!


Tables are the most favorite makeover of a cable spool. It can be a beautiful and handy coffee table. You can let the wood show or you can paint it as you like.

Pinned Image


It could be a great piece for the playroom where your little ones can draw or play on them as they like.



A fabulous piece for the dining room!

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One of the most poplar ideas is this table that provides great book storage as well. 


Carrie Leber

It can be transformed into a nice stool! 

Pinned Image


You can put a glass on the top or wrap a sisal rope around the base.

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How about a mini bar?

Un po per uno

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They can be used greatly even in a retail shop!

In the Eco Room, sustainable wares are displayed atop vintage cable spool tables.


Un po' per uno

They are very popular outdoors, make lovely and cheap tables for your patio or your veranda.

Un po per uno

Un po per uno

You can make rocking chairs out of them.

Pinned Image

Un po per uno

Un po per uno


Really useful little things, aren’t they?


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