Chic Ideas For Shoe Storage

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Shoe storage isn’t an easy task. Sometimes it is hard to find a good looking piece of furniture to keep our shoes or to incorporate one of those shoe storage units in our home decoration. What if instead of hiding our shoes in a closet or inside an ugly shoe furniture we use a vintage chest to display them? 



 Oh I bet Carrie from Sex and The City would ‘ve been delirious with happiness having such a tresure for her Manolo Blahniks! There is a combination from heaven. A vintage chest, a juju hat and abstract art paintings. I want them home sooo badly! 

Pinned Image


Pinned Image


 I suspect that grandma will consider it as a sacrilege!

Pinned Image


If an elegant classic vintage piece isn’t an option consider using a rustic cupboard instead. Anything that doesn’t scream “shoe storage unit” will do!

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

 What if you can’t spare the space required for a cabinet?  Then maybe a rattan basket will host  elegantly few pairs of shoes.

Pinned Image

Or a metal tray full of pebbles waiting in our foyer to receive our shoes. How elegant is that?

Pinned Image




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