Cartoon Skull Masks

 Jannis Markopoulos‘s artwork is unique and quite fun!  Cartoon Skull Masks painted with oil on canvas that manage to amaze me.  

As the artist says, “the mask is an object worn over or in front of the face of a skull to hide the identity of it and by its own features to establish a part of a cartoon being. This essential characteristic of hiding and revealing personalities or moods is common to all masks. As cultural objects they have been used throughout the world in all periods and have been as varied in appearance as in their use and symbolism. The wearer of the cartoon mask is considered to be in direct association with the spirit force of the mask and is consequently exposed to personal danger of being affected by it. The wearer of the cartoon mask is a skull and the person behind to the skull is not under the living persons. The ironic combination of two inappropriate items is to the stoic thinking to owe.”






 via trendland

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