Jewelry By Laura Prieto-Velasco

 Laura Prieto-Velasco creates original jewelry, pieces of art sculptural and organic. Objects that change over time, concealing their materials or construction methods and revealing an original character. Have a look at her very interesting work.  

 Artist’s statement::

I am interested in the way jewelry rarely escapes its fate of re-invention. Sometimes a piece will become part of a collection and remain frozen in a particular form for decades, maybe centuries, until it changes hands and is transformed again for one reason or another. It’s only a matter of time. My work is a reinterpretation of this history, a kind of living organism that thrives on change.

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Neckpiece, 2008

, Ring, 2011

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Ring, 2011

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Ring, 2011

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Brooch, 2012

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Brooch, 2012

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Neckpiece, 2011

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Neckpiece, 2011

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Neckpiece, 2011

Laura Prieto-Velasco, Brooch, 2011

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Laura Prieto-Velasco

images courtesy of Laura Prieto-Velasco


Concept Store in Amsterdam

  Sukha seems to be one of the most beautifull stores in Amsterdam. A home accessory and clothing store located on Haarlemmerstraat. The name means “happiness” in Sanskrit, and hapinness is what it reflects! White walls and floors, natural elements and recycled materials. Most of the productsare vintage or made from recycled materials. 




Photography by Jeltje Janmaat

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MATTO in Italian means crazy or mad. It is also the name of the latest trendy Italian restaurant in Shanghai. It is the creation of Yenn Wong, the mastermind behind the JIA Boutique Hotels.  Apart from the food which is amazing (and recently awarded!) it is famous for it’s design style. Darryl Goveas is the director of Pure Creative International and he did not treat this 253sqm interior space like any usual pizza restaurant . Instead he addressed it with eclectic modernity, combinig industrial materials with rustic, raw materials and European-style details. Belissimo!




 photo © MATTO Shanghai

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2012 Paper Biennale


A really interesting exhibition takes place at the Netherlands. 2012 Paper alla about create sculptures using just paper and cardboard.

Museum Rijswijk  September 4 – November 25, 2012.
Museum Meermanno/ September 1 – November 25, 2012. 










 Artwork credits : Frits Achten, Ebon Heath, Peter Bes, Peter Collingridge, Eric Gjerde, Anne van de Pals, Ros Rixon, Michael Hansmeyer, Laura Behar, Debra Weisberg, Georgia Gremouti. 

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