Concept Store in Amsterdam

  Sukha seems to be one of the most beautifull stores in Amsterdam. A home accessory and clothing store located on Haarlemmerstraat. The name means “happiness” in Sanskrit, and hapinness is what it reflects! White walls and floors, natural elements and recycled materials. Most of the productsare vintage or made from recycled materials. 




Photography by Jeltje Janmaat

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MATTO in Italian means crazy or mad. It is also the name of the latest trendy Italian restaurant in Shanghai. It is the creation of Yenn Wong, the mastermind behind the JIA Boutique Hotels.  Apart from the food which is amazing (and recently awarded!) it is famous for it’s design style. Darryl Goveas is the director of Pure Creative International and he did not treat this 253sqm interior space like any usual pizza restaurant . Instead he addressed it with eclectic modernity, combinig industrial materials with rustic, raw materials and European-style details. Belissimo!




 photo © MATTO Shanghai

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Andronicos Hotel, Myconos

Have a look at this fabulous hotel in Mykonos. Andronikos Hotel is designed by KLab Architecture and it’s Cocoon rooms are fluid forms and organic curves that we often see in the local architecture. The concept was to create a relaxing space and a calm refuge for the lucky guests. Elements like pebbles on the floor and bamboo accents were really clever and a nice way to mix the traditional architecture with the modern style. I seriously think this is one of the most beautiful hotels in Greece!

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

Location: Mykonos, Greece
DesignKLab architecture
Principal architect: Konstantinos Labrinopoulos
Design 2009, Construction 2011-2012
Employer: Andronikos Hotel
Plot surface: 7000 sqm
Building: 2500 sqm
Rooms: 57
Photographers: Nikos Vandoros, Akis Paraskevopoulos

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The Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece

One of the most beautiful islands in the world is Santorini.If you haven’t visited it yet, you should! A mystic place out of this world, the home of Gods maybe. If you decide to visit the island do it properly choosing a fabulous hotel that will make you feel in paradise. Like The Grace Hotel!  You will never forget such an experience.
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Bakery In Melbourne

Australian March Studio designed this Melbourne bakery. The concept was an oversized breadbasket.

 The undulating wooden plywood forms that cover the wall and ceiling of the shop function as shelves for storing and displaying breads.

The central wooden counter is conceived of as a giant chopping board. It has integrated pockets for scales, crumb trays, knife holders and POS terminals. Everything has a place on this working bench. 

Oh how I love the texture of this rough wall! It balance greatly with all that wood work on the other side.

Photography by Peter Bennetts

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