Paintings By Lara Merrett

 Lara Merrett  was born in Melbourne but grew up in Sydney.  A trip to New York at the tender age of 16 ignited in her a passion for fine art. Later, study trips to both Spain and New York cemented this passion. She  studied painting at Sydney’s College of Fine Art where she received a Bachelor and Masters of Fine Art in 1997.  After completing her studies she won a scholarship to undertake a residency in India in 2001.  We can see this influence in her works, which are created intuitively in inks, acrylics, vinyl and metallics, using intense layers of colour. After some time spent living in Melbourne she is now based again in Sydney with her family.

via The Design Files

Charlotte Caron’s Portraits

Charlotte Caron is a joung artist who graduated from Fine Arts with honors just last year and already has an impressive body of work. Between her four series—Landscapes, Portraits, Vanities, and Anatomy— the Portraits are really impressive. Mixing painting and photography she creates surrealistic hybrids of humans and animals, in order to express the duality of the soul. Very impressive indeed!

via trendland