A Kid’s Heaven

Costa Navarino Resort in Messinia of Greece seems to be a really magical place for kids.

The Sand Castle is a very special hotel for children designed by Polyanna Paraskeva and it draws inspiration from the vast dunes of the bay of Navarino. It hosts recreational and educational activities and it appeals to children at the ages of 5-7 and 8-12 years, providing a variety of programmes according their age.

The interior spaces are designed according the children’s needs and according to their scale. The various activities take place inside and outside the building since the litimts between interior and exterior seem non existent.

Architecture for children seems to become a very special chapter where imaginativeness and sensibility boost the interactive association of children with architectural habitat.

Their association with National Geographic created a program of recreational activity that teaches the children natural enviroment and Greek mythology.


The Cocoon is a building complex for infants and toddlers. The two buildings expand in a total area of 1000 sq. m.

Cocoon draws ispiration by the womb, the place where life is born. The round soft shapes contain life and protect it.     

Fluid organic forms and underground spaces with green roofs surround a basin, from which organic forms emerge.

Eco-friendly materials were chosen for the construction, as well as the equipment. The earth, the sun, the wind and the water surround and define the building.

It seems like a really fun place for kids!

   via polyannaparaskeva.blogspot, dezine, dezine