A Bucket In The Bathroom


Decorating with buckets in the bathroom can be interesting. Check out this simple cute bucket that offers storage without taking up much space. Hang it from a hook next to the sink to store toiletries. Choose a pretty color!

Pursley Architects

Use a bucket as a sink, just putting it on a base. Even a stool can do!


Great idea for a small powder room, a metal bucket resting on a wooden stool! 


A galvanized-metal bucket, drilled and outfitted with a drain, is inset into a wood countertop 


Metal and wood for a succesfull rustic style bathroom!


atlanta homesmaga

Looks great even in a public bathroom! I love it!

The Rustic Nursery

Here is a mother who wanted to do something different for her son’s nursery. Instead  of  decorating in usual baby blues with bears and stuffed toys she chose another approach. She decorated in mountain rustic style. Well not litterately, you won’t find any stuffed bears or logs here but a nursery with a vintage feeling and an essence of mountain. I love the black and white striped wall that brings an eclectic touch to the room and the yellow frame with the letters. Yeap that plaid blanket does bring out the mountain feeling!

The same goes for the genious DIY mobile above the crib. Just a branch with almost transparent leaves!

Andlers on the wall, cute forest animals around, I bet this boy will love mother nature!

The rustic rocking chair is great and I like the vintage furniture.

The wall art choices are great while the cupboard full of toys looks really good. All in all a nursery with character! You can read the details on jac marie bishop blog.

 via project nursery

 Photos by Allyssa Zemke