The Dark Gray Owl Nursery


A beautiful moody nursery in dark gray! It is amazing how the colors pop out in this room and I love the accessories. Owls decorate every corner of this nursery!


This mid century dresser had me at hello! Lovely piece and great idea to use such an interesting vintage furniture instead of an ordinary changing table.




The carpet is lovely and the trees on the wall are wall decals.


The lyrics of a favorite song were framed.








Τhis nurcery won a color contest at apartment therapy


 Images by Amanda of MODG and Jessica Stern Photography

via apartment therapy

The Rustic Nursery

Here is a mother who wanted to do something different for her son’s nursery. Instead  of  decorating in usual baby blues with bears and stuffed toys she chose another approach. She decorated in mountain rustic style. Well not litterately, you won’t find any stuffed bears or logs here but a nursery with a vintage feeling and an essence of mountain. I love the black and white striped wall that brings an eclectic touch to the room and the yellow frame with the letters. Yeap that plaid blanket does bring out the mountain feeling!

The same goes for the genious DIY mobile above the crib. Just a branch with almost transparent leaves!

Andlers on the wall, cute forest animals around, I bet this boy will love mother nature!

The rustic rocking chair is great and I like the vintage furniture.

The wall art choices are great while the cupboard full of toys looks really good. All in all a nursery with character! You can read the details on jac marie bishop blog.

 via project nursery

 Photos by Allyssa Zemke

Abstract Art In The Nursery

Original Abstract Art Painting Modern Acrylic Canvas Bold Contemporary Expressionist 14x14 Linda Monfort

I absolutely adore abstract art! Reading effortless-style few weeks ago I was happy to see that the author is planing to decorate her son’s nursery with prints by Linda Monfort. A great way to stimulate a baby’s imagination with images full of energy and bold colors. I definately favour abstract art over bunnies and bears.

Painting Original Abstract Art Expressionist Modern Art Bold Bright Acrylic on Canvas 24x24 by Linda Monfort

So if you are looking for paintings and prints to decorate your nursery or a toddler’s room, think about choosing abstract art paintings. They’ll add style and character to the room and help your child to develope a taste in art from early age. 

Abstract Painting Original Expressionist Modern Art Non Representational Acrylic Canvas 30x30 Monfort



Just look how gorgeous can be a nursery decorated with abstract art! 

via effortless-styleLinda Monfort.

Fanciful Children Rooms

Designed by the Ukranian studio Archproject-Style  these spaces impressed me with their style and originality. 

 A room with an elevated bed and special facilities for play and sports seems like a kid’s heaven. A grass carpet, a galaxy wallpaper and a ceiling with planets are the elements that complete the theme of the room. Any boy would’ve been really happy living there!

 The lighting is very interesting and well studied. Counting the stars while falling to sleep!

 A nursery that feels like a nest with all those feathers on the walls!

 Great lighting fixtures, calm and relaxing atmosphere and a very earthy color palette. 

 The giant feathers are actually lighting fixtures and they make the mursery look quite dreamy!


 A very modern room for older kids with earthy feeling, wooden paneling and interesting wallpaper.  I love the pebble cushions!

images courtesy of  A R C H P R O J E C T S T Y L E

архитектурная мастерская

Украина 49000, г.Днепропетровск,

Ул. Комсомольская, д. 51, 2 эт.

Тел: +38 (056) 373-81-48