Abstract Art In The Nursery

Original Abstract Art Painting Modern Acrylic Canvas Bold Contemporary Expressionist 14x14 Linda Monfort

I absolutely adore abstract art! Reading effortless-style few weeks ago I was happy to see that the author is planing to decorate her son’s nursery with prints by Linda Monfort. A great way to stimulate a baby’s imagination with images full of energy and bold colors. I definately favour abstract art over bunnies and bears.

Painting Original Abstract Art Expressionist Modern Art Bold Bright Acrylic on Canvas 24x24 by Linda Monfort

So if you are looking for paintings and prints to decorate your nursery or a toddler’s room, think about choosing abstract art paintings. They’ll add style and character to the room and help your child to develope a taste in art from early age. 

Abstract Painting Original Expressionist Modern Art Non Representational Acrylic Canvas 30x30 Monfort



Just look how gorgeous can be a nursery decorated with abstract art! 

via effortless-styleLinda Monfort.