A Colorful Vintage Girl’s Room

A very special room full of bold colors and theatric style. Combining vintage furniture and stylish accessories a room with character is born! Pinned Image

Most of the furniture are family heirloom while other stuff came from flea markets. After some serious painting they got a second chance in life. On the wall we see a really fancy wallpaper and above the modest pink bed they hang a big cute bow!  Noticed the hammock and the swing? A kid’s paradise that is!

There are not one, but two different lighting fixtures on the ceiling! I love the carpet – gras with the big flowers cushions!!

Fruit crates were painted in various colours and repurposed as toy shelves.  All in all a really beautiful room!!

Fotos: Isabelle McAllister

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Fanciful Children Rooms

Designed by the Ukranian studio Archproject-Style  these spaces impressed me with their style and originality. 

 A room with an elevated bed and special facilities for play and sports seems like a kid’s heaven. A grass carpet, a galaxy wallpaper and a ceiling with planets are the elements that complete the theme of the room. Any boy would’ve been really happy living there!

 The lighting is very interesting and well studied. Counting the stars while falling to sleep!

 A nursery that feels like a nest with all those feathers on the walls!

 Great lighting fixtures, calm and relaxing atmosphere and a very earthy color palette. 

 The giant feathers are actually lighting fixtures and they make the mursery look quite dreamy!


 A very modern room for older kids with earthy feeling, wooden paneling and interesting wallpaper.  I love the pebble cushions!

images courtesy of  A R C H P R O J E C T S T Y L E

архитектурная мастерская

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