Andronicos Hotel, Myconos

Have a look at this fabulous hotel in Mykonos. Andronikos Hotel is designed by KLab Architecture and it’s Cocoon rooms are fluid forms and organic curves that we often see in the local architecture. The concept was to create a relaxing space and a calm refuge for the lucky guests. Elements like pebbles on the floor and bamboo accents were really clever and a nice way to mix the traditional architecture with the modern style. I seriously think this is one of the most beautiful hotels in Greece!

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

Location: Mykonos, Greece
DesignKLab architecture
Principal architect: Konstantinos Labrinopoulos
Design 2009, Construction 2011-2012
Employer: Andronikos Hotel
Plot surface: 7000 sqm
Building: 2500 sqm
Rooms: 57
Photographers: Nikos Vandoros, Akis Paraskevopoulos

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Hotel San Giorgio – Myconos

San Giorgio hotel is located in Mykonos, Greece. It is one of the most beautiful aegean hotels  I would say! It is designed to offer privacy and refuge to the guests. 34 rooms, including 2 fabulous suites are located within the property, featuring the awsome island of Mykonos.  Traditional aegean architecture combined with organic forms and simple design reflect style and respect to the history! .

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An Exotic 18th Century House In Morocco

10 years ago a  couple from London moved to Essaouira in Morocco. They bought this 18th-century house and spent two years fixing it up. Dar Beida is a beautiful 4 bedroom villa built around a central courtyard with sandstone columns and wood ceilings. Dar Beida means ‘The White House’.

The house is outfitted with eclectic furniture mostly from the ’60s, creating a look that is exotic and retro at the same time.  If ypu would like to rent a room you can find all the information here.

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The Grace Hotel, Santorini, Greece

One of the most beautiful islands in the world is Santorini.If you haven’t visited it yet, you should! A mystic place out of this world, the home of Gods maybe. If you decide to visit the island do it properly choosing a fabulous hotel that will make you feel in paradise. Like The Grace Hotel!  You will never forget such an experience.
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