Ugly Furniture

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And beautiful at the same time!



Sisal Rope Wall Art


Beautiful wall art using sisal rope. You can make runners, coasters, place mats, floor mats or even throw pillows! Just visit Design Sponge.



Repurposing Kitchenware

Un-po-per-uno is a very interesting Italian Facebook group that loves enviroment and promotes ideas for recycling and repurposing. You’ll find great stuff like these genious ideas of reusing old kitchenware. Keep your pots and pans and make them useful!

images via Un-po-per-uno


Decorating With Book Pages

Warning! This is not a post for book lovers! 

Τhe Νester shares some decorating  ideas with book pages. Some are really lovely, like these wreaths!

 Or these branches with paper leaves! Amazing aren’t they?!!

So if you have some unwanted books go and have a look at the 20 ideas Τhe Νester shares with us!


A Home For The Little Kitty

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martha stewart

A cardboard house for our beloved furry animals from Martha Stewart.


Just Say I Love You!

A great way to express your feelings to your other half! How cute is that? Find the tutorial at Ηow about orange.