Katherine Wheeler’s Ceramic Jewelry

Rock Coral Bangles by Katherine Wheeler

 Katherine Wheeler  is a Central Victorian artist, based in Castlemaine. She graduated from a bachelor of Fine arts, Gold and silversmithing at RMIT  and previously a Diploma of fine arts at RMIT. Wheeler makes sculptural jewellery and hollowware that combine materials like silver, porcelain, paper and thread. Her beautiful pieces are often coated with white paint, to create a new skin for their anthrophomorphic forms. 

 For more beautiful jewelry visit her blog, her website and the Etsy shop.

Katherine Wheeler - porcelain ring

Katherine Wheeler - urchin ring on the body

Katherine Wheeler pale bangles

Katherine Wheeler...

Katherine Wheeler -   Porcelain rock coral bangles  - 2012

Katherine Wheeler  - Existence ring 2011

Katherine Wheeler

ring by Katherine Wheeler

Katherine Wheeler

porcelain bangle - These creations come from the hands of a duo Abby Seymour and Katherine Wheeler in Melbourne, Australia. Together they are Golden Ink.

Katherine Wheeler

Katherine Wheeler  Rock coral and sea jelly necklaces, 2012 porcelain, thread, silver, pva, paint.

Katherine Wheeler porcelain neckpiece 2012

Katherine Wheeler - Some details of the work for the love lace award.  The work is all made in Porcelain and fine silver - and needless to say fairly fragile.

Katherine Wheeler: nature- adapting, series

Katherine Wheeler: Bowl (part of teaset 2012)

Katherine Wheeler: sitting jug 2011

Katherine Wheeler: sitting jug (part of teaset 2012)

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Images courtesy of Katherine Wheeler


Katherine Morling’s Sculptural Ceramics

 Katherine Morling  is known for her life-size black and white sculptures. They have graphic detail of domestic everyday objects such as tables, chairs and little things. Her sculptures are iactually sketches of clay furniture and objects and they can be described as 3 dimensional drawings.  The monochrome works are mainly porcelain or crank covered in a porcelain slip, before firing a black slip is painted on outlining the works with some details such as a handle or lock painted in. 








Woof By Anti is the cutest line of dog bowls I’ve ever seen! Antigoni Pantazi is a talented ceramic artist who loves animals and creates these personalised ceramic bowls for dogs. You can choose the design and the colours and ask he to write your pet’s name!

And  catbowls as well!

 via antigonipantazi

ARGHILLA’ L’ Arte delle Terre

ARGHILLA’ L’ Arte delle Terre ceramics make me wanna get some clay in my hands very badly!

Nicola Tripodi’s ceramics are real masterpieces! They are poetic and make you fall in love with them. With passion and deep sentiment the artist goes through his country’s history looking for lost traces of his art. His human figures acquire soul and become alive. They tell us stories of the glorious past and they become symbols of tradition and culture.  It is the art of the Earth and each piece is a unique treasure!

Visit his page on facebook and watch the magnificent video

Cory Lum Ceramics

Cory Lum was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He worked primarily as a commercial/advertising photographer but fell in love with the clay over 10 years ago and has attended ceramic workshops with many talented ceramic artists.

I’ve seen this fabulous teapot two years ago in my ceramic class and fell in love with it. I love my ceramics carved as well I guess!

You can find his work at ΕtsyflickrCory Lum ceramics blog and Cory Lum Ceramics page at Facebook.

The Amazing Ceramics Of Natalya Sots

Natalya Sots is one of my favorite artists. I follow her work since I took up ceramic classes 3 years ago. She is Russian by nationality and lives currently in the USA with her family. Her russian origines and culture is obvious all over her work. 

Her ceramic sculptures are imaginative, vibrant, full of life. Whimsical creatures that tell you stories and bring hapiness to your life. 

Teapots and cups look like they came from Alice’s Wonderland, having legs, hands and lots of attitude. They dare you posing with sauciness and charm! Oh boy how they inspire me!

Girl with ladybug necklace.

I fell so much in love with this lovely vase that I actually made one my self!

Bird with Multi-Color Feathers

Birds and cats, mice and owls, cute and whimsical little creatures can’t wait to get to your home!

Bunny bell

The Purple Bug with Red Hat (reserved for Julia)

Patchwork Vase with Poppy Flowers

You can see her amazing and inspiring work at her Etsy shop and on Flickr.

                                                        Images via Etsy