Dynamic Portraits By Αndrew Salgado

 Canadian artist Andrew Salgado lives and works in London, making amazing portraits full of energy and incredible details. Have a look at his work.

Paintings by Andrew Salgado painting art

 Paintings by Andrew Salgado painting art



White Industrial By Paola Navone

Andrea Falkner Campi had Paola Navone design her beautiful residense, an old 500 square metre house in Spello. 


 Just notice the floor, the way wood and tiles are combined!

 Bathrooms are absolutely amazing! Moody, black and stylish!!



 Images from Italian Elle Decor

 via vosges paris

Katherine Morling’s Sculptural Ceramics

 Katherine Morling  is known for her life-size black and white sculptures. They have graphic detail of domestic everyday objects such as tables, chairs and little things. Her sculptures are iactually sketches of clay furniture and objects and they can be described as 3 dimensional drawings.  The monochrome works are mainly porcelain or crank covered in a porcelain slip, before firing a black slip is painted on outlining the works with some details such as a handle or lock painted in. 







Andronicos Hotel, Myconos

Have a look at this fabulous hotel in Mykonos. Andronikos Hotel is designed by KLab Architecture and it’s Cocoon rooms are fluid forms and organic curves that we often see in the local architecture. The concept was to create a relaxing space and a calm refuge for the lucky guests. Elements like pebbles on the floor and bamboo accents were really clever and a nice way to mix the traditional architecture with the modern style. I seriously think this is one of the most beautiful hotels in Greece!

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

KLab architecture | Cocoon suites

Location: Mykonos, Greece
DesignKLab architecture
Principal architect: Konstantinos Labrinopoulos
Design 2009, Construction 2011-2012
Employer: Andronikos Hotel
Plot surface: 7000 sqm
Building: 2500 sqm
Rooms: 57
Photographers: Nikos Vandoros, Akis Paraskevopoulos

Spotted in Arthitectural